T Comino Designs is located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

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Tammy Comino - Professional Interior Designer

Tammy Comino is Helping People Create The Home Interiors of Their Dreams. Tammy Comino Interior Designer

Is there anyone you know who is afraid of the "D" word? You know, "designer?" To some, that word invokes frightful visions of a strong-willed designer spending oodles of her clients' hard earned cash. To my clients, the word "designer" means "trusted advisor." My clients trust me to help them avoid costly design mistakes.

Consider the short amount of time it takes for a professional designer to draw a room plan. Professional room plans can shorten shopping time for new furniture and save money on size and selection. A living room sofa that is too large is an expensive mistake to be stuck with! As a professional designer, I also realize the importance of understanding the personal style of each of my clients and making informed suggestions based on their tastes. I can then create an interior design style to suit the client's lifestyle, taste, and budget.

Your Home Will Be A Window To Your Personality

Anyone looking inside your home will see you. If you have an interior design problem too difficult to solve alone, do not fear hiring a Professional Interior DESIGNER - Tammy Comino. I can help you create the interior home design of your dreams.

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